Gong Bath + Shamanic Fire Ceremony

Wednesday 20th March

7pm - 9pm 


Celebrate the Spring Equinox with our launch wellness event!

Unlock transformative energies and embrace spiritual purification with our captivating Shamanic Fire Ceremony. Led by our seasoned Shamanic practitioner Adalet, this sacred ritual invites you to gather around a ceremonial fire, release negativity, offer prayers, and amplify your intentions. 

As the evening draws to a close, experience the incredible benefits of a gong bath, allowing the vibrations to resonate through your body, promoting deep relaxation, stress relief, and inner harmony. 

The spring equinox heralds the magical balance between day and night, ushering in a season of renewal, growth, and infinite possibilities, so why not celebrate this enchanting time with us by immersing yourself in a profound experience of connection and transformation. 

Ticket price: £32 for members and £38 for non-members.