Sound Bath + Shamanic Fire Ceremony

Thursday 20th June

7pm - 9pm 


Celebrate the Summer Solstice with us with a Shamanic Fire Ceremony + Sound Bath!

Unlock transformative energies and embrace spiritual purification with our captivating Shamanic Fire Ceremony. Led by our seasoned Shamanic Practitioner Adalet, this sacred ritual invites you to gather around a ceremonial fire, to release what we wish to let go of in our lives, and invite in what we want to create and bring into being.

After tending to the cleansing fire pit, we'll embark on Miss Flo, our faithful tractor, for a tranquil journey to our meditation field. There, amidst the gentle whispers of oak trees and the presence of wildlife, we'll immerse ourselves in a magical outdoor sound bath experience.

As the evening draws to a close, experience the incredible benefits of a sound bath, allowing the vibrations to resonate through your body, promoting deep relaxation, stress relief, and inner harmony.

The Summer Solstice, the year's longest day, marks the peak of sunlight and signals the start of summer's warmth. It's a moment to honour nature's harmonious balance and embrace the season's potential for growth and renewal.


Ticket price: £32 for members and £38 for non-members.